Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Both pictures show rooms which people use, but for different functions. The room on the left is tidy, clean and well organised but in the room on the right, everything is all over the place. The room on the left could possibly belong to a professional person because it is obviuos that money has been spent to give it this appearence whereas the room on the right probabily belongs to a student, because the furniture is very low-cost, and no care has been taken to organise it. The image on the left looks like a waiting room, or somewhere where somebody could sit and read, because there is only a chair in it, but in contrast the image on the right is a bedroom because it has a bed in it. If I had the choice , I would prefer to use the room on the left rather than than the room on the right, but realistically my room is more like that on the right.

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