Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last year I went to France and I visited the wonderful French commune in the South of the country,Carcassonne . It is famous because there is a wall around it and it is like a city of the Medieval times and it is also a World Heritage site.
Inside of the wall you can discover a very interesting (and) historic city, you can find museums, shops, cafés, a big castle...
While you are walking down the streets you feel like you are walking in another era, you feel like you have travelled back in time and now you are in the Medieval Middle Ages. The ambience atmosphere is really amazing.
I would recommend you to visit this place,especially if you are an adventurous person, because in this site place you will not get bored because you have a lot of exciting things to do.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Similarities and differences

Empire State building, United States and Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The two pictures are similar because the both buildings are Skyscrapers.
They are different because the building in picture number one is older that the building in picture number two.
Another difference is that the building in number one is made of stone and the building in number two is made of glass and iron.
Building number two is more modern than the number one.
The building in number one is surrounded by another buildings, while the building in number two is surrounded by water.

Comparison between the Louvre and the Guggenheim.

There´s a comparation of two great buildings. The first is the Guggenheim, a building with an extravagant shape. The second is the very known Louvre, with a shape more traditional than the Guggenheim. Both are museums but the Louvre was a palace in the past, before become a museum. The Guggenheim is grey and it was made of metal, but the Louvre was made from stone. The two of them are on the top of bests museums of the world. It can be interesting visit them!

Similarities and Differences: Big Ben (in the United Kingdom) and Tower of the Peace of the Parliament (in Otawa, Canadá)

Similarities: both monuments present a tower with a clock and a belfry. Both are of architectural Neogothic style and the color of the front is similar.

Differences: in the image of the left side appears the Tower of the Big Ben, in the United Kingdom. In the image of the right appears the Tower of the Peace of the Parliament of Canada, in Otawa. The first one measures 96,3 meters of height, the interior of the tower is not opened foreign visitors, The body of the tower, consists of brick with coating limestone. The tower shelters the biggest clock of four faces of the world. The second one measures 95 meters of height, the highest of the tower is allowed to raise, where it is possible to obtain a spectacular sight of Ottawa

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Differences and similarities


Aluminium Rosewood Wood Grain Installation

In both pictures we can see one house with a balcony and a chimney, but they are totally different.
The first photo shows a detached house, which it’s a house with a garden around it and with no houses next to it.
The second image shows a semi-detached house, which it’s a house divide by a wall that has got two different entrances, because inside it live two families.
Another different between them is the color, one is orangish and the other white. Furthermore the semi-detached has a gate and the detached hasn't, but it has a pond.

Torre Eiffel and Washington Monument (Similarities and Differences)

similarities: both images are symbols of their country, they are zone of tourist and are very tall, both monuments are in parks
differences:the washington monument is made of stone,Eiffel Tower is made in iron ,and their forms are different

Differences and similarities

Tower Bridge, London

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Both constructions are bridges.
Tower Bridge is in London and Golden Gate is in San Francisco.
The Tower Bridge is older, it was built in 1886 and Golden Gate in 1933.
The Tower Bridge is made of stone and steel and Golden Gate is made only of steel.
The tower Bridge is blue and brown while Golden Gate is red.
Another difference is that Tower Bridge crosses the river Thames and Golden Gate crosses the Pacific ocean.
The first is a drawbrige and second is a suspension bridge.
Finally the Tower Bridge measures 65 meters and Golden Gate 67 meters.

similarities and differences


Obelisk, Place De la Concorde, Paris                            Obelisk, Washington, D.C.


Both Pictures are Obelisks, are straight, both end in peak. Another thing that they both have in common is that both are visited for thousands of people everyday.


The 1st photo is in Europe in Paris, and is older monument, It has recorded and lyrics, is stone built and measure 23 metres high. The 2nd photo is in U.S.A in Washington, is a trendy monument, was created with marble, bluestone gneiss and granite and measure almost 170 metres.

Comparing pictures: Wembley Stadium

Both pictures show the Wembley Stadium (London), but the first picture shows the old one and the second picture shows the new stadium.
They are both located in the same place, but the first stadium was built in 1923 and the second one in 2007. Another thing that they've got in common is that they're greyish. The shape of the old stadium is oval but the new one is round. Another difference between them is that the building of the second picture is more modern that the building in the first photo. The place in picture 1 had a capacity of 100,000 and the place in picture 2 has a capacity of 90,000. 
In the first building were celebrated many historic football matches and concerts.


The first photo shows a scale model of the tallest building of the world the Burj Khalifa and the second photo shows us the real Burj Khalifa, which is in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.
The two phtos are alike because both expose the same building, the first in a scale model and the second in real life.
The main difference between them is the height, while the first one is only a few centimeters long and the second one rises 828 meters.
Another difference is that the first one is made of cardboard and plastic because it is only a mini-representation of the second one, and this one is made with a lot of construction materials like metals, plastics, concrete, brickworks...
People can only live in the building of the second photo, while people can only watch the building of the first one.
I would like to visit the real building and watch the scale model, it would be a nice experience.
Nowadays the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world but soon the Kigndom Tower, in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia will overcome the Burj Khalifa with his 1007 meters long.
It is happening what occured had ocurred with the curious case of the towers of San Gimignano in Italy, people want to have the tallest building and they compete to have it.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Differences and similarities

AZN Stadium, Sydney, Australia
London Olympic Stadium, London, United Kingdom
The 1st photo is similar then to the 2nd because in both was celebrated the Olympics and Paralympics Games: the O. games were held . At In the 1st, Olympics and Paralympics Games, Sydney 2000, and at In the 2nd, Olympics and Paralympics Games, London 2012.
One of the differences is, the 1st stadium'shape is oval and the 2nd is circular.
Other of the difference Another difference is, ANZ Stadium is more older than London Olympic Stadium.
The other both similar are that in they play football.: Another similarity/ thing that they both have in common is that football is played in both.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


My voki



My voki (:

My voky - Noelia Rodríguez González

My voki!

My funny Voki!

I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Make'em laugh!

New Year, new homework:
Create a VOKI and make it 
tell some good jokes or a funny anecdote.
Then publish it on this blog.
Come on! "Make them laugh"