Monday, February 24, 2014

The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Los cuentos de Beedle el Bardo)

by J.K. Rowling

It´s a book written by the creator of Harry Potter. They are small short  histories about the universe of the wizard kid. They Are related because they are the stories that are told to children of the wizarding world.
They are five stories, but the one that I like is the last:
 It´s about three brothers wizards wizard brothers that find the Death and it grants them three wishes. The first brother wished be the strongest wizard, the second can revive the deads make dead people come back to life and the third can make you be invisible...
What happened to them? What are the other stories? Read it them!!

They There are also other books related to this universe, one of about Quiditch (the wizards sport), and the other of about animals and fantastic creatures.


"Inferno" is the last latest book of by Dan Brown. It's interesting roman novel for those who enjoy history, mystery and symbolism. The protagonist, Robert Langdon, who is a famous professor of symbolism, appears in a hospital in Florence, with a shotgun wound in his head, and he doesn't remember anything from the last twenty-four hours. He doesn't know how he arrived in Italy, because he was sleeping quietly the last previous night in his bed in Chicago. Later, he starts to remember things, but he can't put them in a logical order. The story continues in the streets of the city, and an exciting pursuit begins. This is the last part of the saga with Robert Langdon as the protagonist.He must save the humanity again, but this time it is different, because he doesn't know anything. This saga started with "Angels and demons", continued with "The Da Vinci's code" and "The lost symbol", and now finishes with "Inferno". If you have read any of this books, I can promise you that Inferno is the best of the four. For those who doesn't enjoy reading, it will be a film soon, where Tom Hanks will be starring. Read it, I recommend it totally!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Twilight is a young-adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephanie Meyer. It is the first book of the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen years old Isabella "Bella" Swan, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen.
Their relationship is affected when a nomadic vampire  arrives in Forks. James, a tracker vampire who is intrigued by the Cullen’s' relationship with a human, wants to hunt Bella for sport. The Cullen’s attempt to distract James by separating Bella and Edward, and send Bella to hide in a hotel in Phoenix. There are films about twilight series and you can watch them and read the books. I recommend it to all persons who like love stories. :)




I read this long, obligatory = compulsory, Galician book last week and despite this, I found it really interesting. It isn’t the typical long novel that you find really boring at the beginning because it has got a lot of descriptions and it hasn´t got any action. This book is amazing and it has action from the first page until the last one.

“Febre” tells the story that one of the characters says to his granddaughter. It takes place in Noia in the Second World War, and it is about an orphan girl who is different from others, because she denounces every situation that she thinks it isn´t correct. For example Carmucha, the main character, goes to the supermarket to buy tobacco for his her father and when the shop assistant asks her for who was it who it is(was) for, she answers that it was for her and all the people that were there start whispering bad things about Carmucha. Eventually, the shop assistant doesn’t give it to her. She also dresses up as a man to say tell the world that now she has more rights, but her father immediately punishes her. Her objective was to be a wolfram black marketer, who which was a man’s work job. Will she get it? 

The birthmark

  From the last onwards = Recently /lately I have started to read English books. There is one which caught my attention "The birthmark" by the American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. This writer loved the stories of suspense = thrillers. He used to listen to them since when he was a child.  He was born in Salem (Massachusetts) and one of his ancestrors was a judge at the Salem witch trials. He was very interested in their way of life and their strict religion, but he was almost ashamed of what they had done during the trials.
  Well, this book is about a beautiful woman with a birthmark on her face resembling a little hand, but her husband thinks that it should be taken away...
  It's sad but interesting and teaches us a great lesson. I recommend it to anybody everybody

"Tierra firme" / Mainland

I recommend you to read Tierra Firme, "Mainland", a book written by Matilde Asensi. It's a very nice book, with a lot of action, miystery, and with a sad story.
Catalina Solís is a Spanish girl who was going to sail to America  in the eighteenth century (who was going to sail to America). While she was in on the boat, pirates attacked it. She jumped into the sea and appeared at on a desert island, where she survived for two years. Some traders found her, and rescued her. She said she was Martín Solís (her brother). The boss of the traders traders' boss decided to pretend she was his son, changing his name to Martín Nevares.
Catalina, under her new personality, will start a new life as a trader and she will become one of the major smugglers in the eighteenth century.

The name of the Wind.

When I was asked for a recommendation of a book, I immediately thought of The Name of the Wind. It’s the first book of the trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle.
Kvothe, the main character, tells the amazing story of his life in three nights (each night is a book).  He’s an actor, a student at the university, a musician, a warrior… And he has a lot of troubles, which make his life hard, but exciting.
I like this book because it touches all the genres, it has adventures, suspense, love, magic, a medieval environment… What more could you ask for!
(Also) Moreover / Besides / In addition, it (introduces) involves you in the story from the start to the end, like you are living the adventures with Kvothe.

I hope you give it a chance, I’m sure you will love it as I did!

(The second book of the trilogy)

The Shade of the Wind.

The book of The Shade of the Wind was the first book that I read (of) by the author Carlos Ruiz Zafón and it is a novel that in spite of having many pages does that makes you read it very rapidly because it you wraps wraps you in the history of a way so natural in such a a natural way that when you realize already you have come ultimately: it you have come to the end (?)

The protagonist of the history is called Daniel Sempere, . After his father was taking took him to the hiding place of the Cemetery of the forgotten books, he takes of there a qualified (?) book "The Shade of the Wind" from there and after stopping reading it, he wants to investigate if his author Julian Carax wrote more books, from there it he enters a way/ folllows a path  together with his friend Fermín Romero de Tormes full of adventures and surprises that discovers the life of this author this author's life
This novel was continued by two more qualified books: The Game of the Angel and The Prisoner of the sky. Three histories that you can read of manear disordered randomly because each one is composed by a different history but that they have jointly  together they make up The Cemetery of the forgotten books.

I recommend to the people to read this trilogy because it is without any doubt one of better the best that they exists. To the people that he does not like the reading can see the work soon: the novel will be taken like musically ? in The Faràndula de Sabadell and the Palau of Barcelona.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The boy with in the striped pyjamas

My favourite book is The boy in the striped pyjamas. I think it is a good history but a little sad, which / . It symbolizes a difficult period when the nazis wanted to kill Jewish people. There is a film also, but I'm sure that you will enjoy more with the book more
Bruno, who is the protagonist,  knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust. All he knows is that he has been moved from a comfortable home in Berlin to a house in a desolate area where there is nothing to do and no one to play with. Until he meets Shmuel, a boy who lives a strange different existence on the other side of the wire fence and who, like the other people there, wears a uniform of striped pyjamas. 
I recommend that this book and I know you would like it!

The Hunger Games!

If I had to choose a book to read Y I would probably will pick the books of The Hunger Games. I would definitely recommend this trilogy of books to everyone who loves action, adventures and romantic stories. The book tells us the story of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, two teenagers that are sent to a TV competition to compete in the Hunger Games. To this competition are sent 24 contestants that have to fight to the death until only one survives.
This is the plot of the first book. I am sorry but I can't tell nothing else because if not,/ otherwise,  I will would be discovering a lot of things about the book and what is going to happen.
If you like a lot the book: the book a lot,  there are films too, based on the books.
They have filmed two movies and now they are going to film two more.
I think that this book is amazing and so are the films.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I had have enjoyed it.


Marina, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

It’s difficult to choose only one book, because there are so many 
books that I love… But I choose Marina, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

This story takes place in Barcelona in the XX 20th century. It’s about Óscar, a boy who lives in a boarding school. One day, walking around, he discovers a neglected big mansion. Marina lives there, and Óscar and she establish a friendship. Since thirty years ago for thirty years, Mijail Kolvenik obsesses about the idea of immortality and correcting people’s deformations deformities. He keeps himself alive by a serum, but it starts to run out… When these two stories cross, Marina and Óscar will be in a real danger. 

I really liked this book. It has it all: thrill, danger, romance, 
sadness… But above all, it’s a story about compassion and love for the most important person in your life. The end it’s very thrilling. And the book has also got a lot of thoughtful and philosophic quotes. Carlos Ruiz Zafón got it: after “The trilogy of the fog”, he surpassed himself again.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Honeymoon Honeymoon by 1bacharelato

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

booking a hotel Booking a hotel by 1bacharelato

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Monday, February 3, 2014


The most beautiful place I've ever been to was Barcelona, but in special i I loved "El Mirador del alcalde". That's a high place where you can see one of the most beautiful views in Barcelona. You can see all the city, from the beach and the port, to the Montserrat mountain. That was a breathtaking view! I enjoiyed trying to guess where the famous landmarks in Barcelona were. Then, it was exciting for me to visit the majestic Montjuic's palace, where Freddie Mercury had singed sung time ago, and of course, visiting the Camp Nou, because it's the biggest stadium in Spain. The Parc Güell was incredible too, so/ Therefore/  that it was a fantastic experience to travel to Barcelona.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Romae is the capital of Italy. I think that it is the most beautiful city i've ever been to.
 It's a big city with a lots of monuments to visit and an ancient history to discover.
There you can see the famous country of Vaticano,Vatican City,  where lives the actual papa: where the current Pope lives.
 St. Peter's Basilica is a Late Renaissance church located within Vatican City. It  remains one of the largest churches in the world.
Besides this country, in Rome there are a lot of bridges which let people cross the river Tiber.
You can visit the spacious squares, like Piazza di Spagna or Piazza Navona.
Another thing important: important thing/ landmark is the majestic and picturesque Trevi fountain. It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. The fountain has appeared in several notable films and it's a popular tourist attraction.
I recommended travelling to Rome specially if you are handy willing/ ready to walk because it is a big city, you won't get bored!

You can do a lot of interesting things and learn a little bit of an old culture. I hope you enjoy it.


Dublin is a lovely Viking city and it’s also the capital of Ireland. It is situated in the province of Leinster near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey and the centre of the Dublin Region.
One of the appeals for tourists of this beautiful place is the nature. Dublin has more green spaces than any other European city. The most known famous parks are the Phoenix Park, Herbert Park and St Stephen's Green.
Dublin is also known because of for its literary pubs (where you can taste the famous ‘black stuff’) and the Trinity College, a majestic enormous building surrounded by spectacular gardens.
Lastly, you can’t leave Dublin without visiting the coastal area. In the north, you can walk in along the cliffs of Howth; and in the south, the most famous villages are Blackrock, Monkstown, Dun Laoghaire, Glasthule, Dalkey and Killiney, where you can taste delicious seafood and dance in the beach festivals.
For all this these reasons, Dublin is a perfect place to spend the/ your holidays. 



Paris is the capital of France and it has one of the most amazing iron architectural structures in the world, the Tower Eiffel Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1889 by Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier. The architectural landmark is near the River Siene and it is between the Champ de Mars and Jardins du Trocadére.
It is 330 metres high and 124,90 metres wide. It looks like a triangle made of iron webs and people love going to visit it because it is wonderful. People can go up by an elevator paying 13.50€ and enjoy the view from the top. I have been in Paris visiting it and I really recommend people to visit it.
                                               If you go, you will enjoy it!


Paris is the capital of France and one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been in. It's elegant and picturesque at the same time.
You can do lots of things there like going up the Eiffel Tower, sailing on a "Bateau Mouche" or losing (one)yourself in the Louvre Museum. I also loved the Latin Quarter because it is a crowded (and) lively place filled with painters who can draw you a portrait.
 You can't leave Paris without visiting a crêperie. Crêpes there are yummy!
I recommend to visit Paris and I'm looking forward to visiting it again this year.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


    London is one of my favorite cities. It´s located southeast of Great Britain and it is the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom. Standing on by the River Thames, London is a lovely place to visit, because there are a lot of beautiful things to see like museums, monuments, cinemas, theatres and restaurants. For example, the Westminster Palace (first photo) with the famous Big Ben, the London Eye (third photo), Tower Bridge (fourth photo), Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Kew Gardens,… and more of awesome things. One of the most popular dishes is the fish and chips, you can see people eating it in the middle of the street. There is no other city like London. The mixture of old and modern, the hustle and bustle of the streets and the astonishing cultural diversity that reigns there, make it a city unique in the world.