Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gerunds and infinitives

Complete the sentences with gerund or infinitive:

•I can't stand ________ in queues. (Wait)
•I intend _______ house in the summer. (Move)
•I prefer ________ to the pool today. (Go)
•________ is not allowed. (Smoke)
•David always forgets ________ his grandmother. (Visit)
•I look forward _________ you again. (See)
•________ up a relatiomship is never easy. (Break)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gerunds and Infinitives

Complete the sentences:

-___________ (travel) by car is very expensive today.
- I don´t like _________ (cook) cupcakes.
- I have learned _________ (play) the saxofon three years ago.
- I hate _______ (do) homework.
- My sister likes _______ (go) to the village.
- Paula likes ________ (write) exercises based in her cotidian life.


Choose the correct answer:

- _____ vegetables is very healthy.
a) Eat 
b) To eat
c) Eating

- If you love her, let her ____.
a) go
b) to go
c) going

- Last summer I learned  ____ the guitar.
a) play
b) to play
c) playing

- ____ his present is the best thing you can do.
a) Accept
b) To accept
c) Accepting

- I miss ____ on the beach.
a) sunbathe
b) to sunbathe
c) sunbathing

Sunday, March 23, 2014


       Choose the correct answer.
1.    We're really looking forward to ______ you. 
a)    See
b)    Seeing 
c)    a) and b) are correct
2.    His problem _______ a new job was his lack of experience.
a)    To find
b)    Finding 
c)    Find
3.    I always _______ before going to bed. 
a)    Read 
b)    Reading
c)    To read
4.    I'm glad ______ you. 
a)    See
b)    Seeing
c)    To see 
5.    Stop ________ the television.
a)    Watching
b)    To watch
c)    a) and b) are correct 
6.    I enjoy _________ to music. 
a)    Listen
b)    Listening 
c)    To listen
7.    I can't afford ________ a new car.
a)    To buy 
b)    Buy
c)    Buying
8.    Last summer we decided _________ to the beach
a)     Going
b)     Go
c)     To go 
9.    I like _________ with my family
a)    Travelling 
b)    To travel
c)    Travel
10.  I would like ________ Paris the next month.
a)    Visit
b)    Visiting
c)    To visit 

Gerund or infinitive?

                                             Use a gerund or an infinitive :

1. Where did you arrange............(met) her?

2. Mark stopped ................(smoke) last week.

3. ...............(paint) my room is going to be fun!

4. We plan ................(fly) to London  in April.

5. We can´t imagine .................(live) in a another city.



-..................... by train is usually cheaper than by plain.
- I need .................. to the shop. I don´t have any bread and milk.
a) GO          b) GOING            c) TO GO
- I hate ..................  early in the morning.
- Remember ................... the door when you leave
a) CLOSE    b) CLOSING       c) TO CLOSE
- Could you .................... the window? It's very hot here
a) OPEN      b) OPENING      c) TO OPEN

Working with verbs


  1. I didn't remember ………. (tell) you something, but I’m going to do it now: ………. (smoke) is bad for your health.
  2. _What is your favourite sport?
           _ I like ………. (play) basketball.

  1. _ What about ………. (go) the swimming pool?
          _ Sorry, but I don´t feel like ………. (go) to the pool. I’m very tired.

  1. I used to ………. (have) short hair when I was three years old.
  2. ………. (win) this challenge would be the best.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gerund & Infinitive

1) Do You want______with me to the cinema this afternoon?
a) to go
b) going
c) go

2) I hate______tomatoes
a) to eat
b) eating
c) eat

3) Petter left early the party______on time at home
a) to arrive

4) My favourite hobby is______to Macklemore
a) to listen
b) listened
c) listening

5) Bethany forgot______a present for her father
a) buying
b) to buy
c) bought


1)  (1.1)_________________ IS A BAD HABIT. YOU SHOULD STOP (1.2)____________ IT!

1.1  a) SMOKING  b) TO SMOKE  c) SMOKE
1.2  a) DOING        b) TO DO          c) DO


2.1 a) DATING    b) TO DATE       c) DATE

3) IF I (3.1)_____________________ TO YOU IT IS BECAUSE IS THE BEST FOR YOU.

3.1 a) SPEAKING  b) TO SPEAK    c) SPEAK

4) IT IS A GOOD DAY (4.1)_________________________________ SIGHTSEEING!

4.1 a) GOING         b) TO GO          c) GO

5) I HATE (5.1)_____________________________ THIS!

5.1 a) DOING         b) TO DO          c) DO

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gerund & Infinitive

Complete the sentences. All of them are taken from lyrics, except the last one:

1. "I hate ______ your heartbreak." by Paramore.
    a) seeing
    b) see
    c) to see

2. "What I'd give _____ my fingers through your hair." by Bon Jovi.
    a) to running
    b) to run
    c) running

3. "I can't stand ______ you." by The Police.
    a) lose
    b) to lose
    c) loosing

4. "Tell me what it takes to let you ______." by Aerosmith.
    a) go
    b) going
    c) to go

5. Paula will never forget ______ Mario Casas and ______ after
    him down the street.
    a) to see/to run
    b) seeing/running
    c) see/run


We're looking forward to _____ (meet) you!

1) meeting 2)to meet 3)meet
We were nervous _____ (take) the exam.
1)take 2)to take 3)taking 
Do you want _____ (study) with me tonight?
1) to study 2)studying 3)studied
She doesn't feel like ____ (cook) tonight, so we are going to a restaurant.
1)to cook 2)cook 3)cooking 
Don’t forget ______(phone) me when you get to the hotel.

1)to phone 2)phoning 3)phone


1. I feel like _________ (go) to Coruña in Summer.
     a)                  To go
     b)                 Going
c)                Go
2.Oh no! I forgot _______ (buy) the present for Natalia, and tomorrow is her birthday.
       a)                  To buy
       b)                 Buying
   c)                  Buy
3.Sandra detests   ________ (study) Economy.
            a)                 Studying
             b)                To study
         c)                 Study
4.In summer, they used to _______ (play) cards.
             a)                  Playing
         b)                 Play
5.Cristina will always remebember ________ (sing) with Jon in his concert... on her dreams.
          a)                 Sing
               b)                To sing
                 c)                 Singuing

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gerund and infinitive - phrases

1.- At last they decided _______________(rent) the apartment.

a) renting  b) to rent  c) rent d) to renting

2.- She enjoys _______________. (paint)

a) to paint b) paints  c)painting  d) to painting

3.- I enjoy _____________(listen) to music.

a) listening  b) listenend  c) to listen

4.- My flat is easy___________ (find)

a)finding  b) to finding  c) to find

5.- She promised __________(stop) smoking.

a) to stopping  b) to stop  c) stopping

Comparing pictures

Both pictures show a bridge through a river. The two pictures are similar but the place and some things are different. First, the colour of the rivers  and their volume of them are different. If we look at the sky we are going to see that in the picture of Toulousse there are more clouds. At the shore of the rivers On the river banks we can see the differentces between them. In Rome, there are blocks of stones and narrow paths and in Toulousse there are a lot of trees. Another thing that they have got in common is the bridge, both aren't neither is very high and they are both made by of stone. They have arches but one of them (Toulousse) is more longer than the other.



"The things that we did not say to ourselves." - Marc Levy

This romance is about a girl who is going to marry. Four days before, she receives the warn that her father won't go to the wedding. It isn't strange because they didn't talk almost but the excuse in this case was the died of her father. He let her a note and a robot that represent him and which have limit time to work. They are going to discover together their past, their lives and their loves. At the end of the story she will discover a strange surprise...
Marc Levy is a magic writer who can captivate the readers with words.With his books you always can learn fantastic things!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Women equality


In Spain women have equality, we can study, work, we have rights to decide what we want, in comparison with other countries who where women can not leave their homes without a man, they can not study or work and devoted (her) their life to take care for of  (her) their husband, family and housework.
However, in other tasks such as housework, do shopping, laundry ... people always joined it match them with the female gender, as weak qualities. 
We shout  :
¡We are the stronger gender!

Gender equality

Well, people think that in the actually world there are equality between men and women. I think not. There are a lot of stereotypes. Girls usually wear pink clothes and boys blue clothes. When you see one boy in the street wearing a pink T-shirt, people think that he is gay. Why? Why he can't wear a pink T-shirt or pink trousers if he want it? Last month I went to a toy shop to buy a costume and then I saw one thing that impressed me: One toy, a little kitchen and... who is the person who was in the picture? A girl. Other toy, a vacuum cleaner and...The person who was in the picture of the toy is... other girl. Other toy, now, a car. The person who was inside of the car in the picture of this toy was a boy. Why a boy and not a girl? For things like that, I think that there are not equality.

Maybe in five, ten or twenty years women and men will be equal, but now we have only advanced a little. Little by little the world can be better. We can do it better.

Gender equality?

There´s not gender equality in the actual society, it´s obvious. But it´s true that we have more equality than in
arabian societys. In arabian societys (for example The Arabian Emirates) women have to wear a "burka", it´s a type of clothe that covers the entire body except the eyes, they can´t go out home without her husband and they can´t drive withot him too. Here in Spain there´s more gender equality, but women have drawbacks compared to men. Works are better payed to men than to women, for example.
This is so because we live in a sexist society, our language is sexist too. Girls are educated to clean, to babysitting... and boys are educated to drive (cars) and play football and other sports...
It´s a reality.

A strange hotel! A strange hotel by ivanuchu

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

La ratonera

I have read this book by Agatha Christie last year and I found it very entertaining and easy to read. It is a detective novel in which after committing a murder in London, Police Sergeant Trotter is presented in a small hotel away from the capital and isolated by the snow to warn that the killer is I'm coming with the purpose of committing another crime. No one seems to give credence to the words of the agent, but when one of the guests is murdered, everyone understood that the criminal is now in the hotel and should be one of them... Some characters behave in a strange way, and almost everyone has something to hide. The skill with which Agatha Christie handles the intrigue and the outcome of the story have made this work represented more of the history of the theatre.

Women equality

I believe that the status of women varies from one country to another and from one religion to another. There are countries where women are still subjected completely to the man and sexist laws, there are other countries which have a little more space, but in general women still have problems in many ways. A clear example would be some families in which for example there are two brothers and a sister, in this case those families requiring ask/want the girl to make all tasks, including also those of his her two brothers, so they don't have to do anything.


I think that any Zoo in the world very well, that can be compared with the natural freedom of them. All animals have the right to be free and not be locked into a single zoo so that the people can enjoy seeing them. I think that they should build natural zoos; that all animals are released distributed according to their characteristics to not harm other animals.

Women equality


The women´s situation in my country, Spain, is better than in others such as The Arabian Emirates. Despite that fact, it doesn’t mean we don´t have to improve the genre gender equality.
If we pay attention in to television’s announces ads/ commercials we will find out that brands related with housework,  such as fairy, always use the image of a womeAn while the insurance companies, like mapfre, always use a man’s image.


Moreover, there are companies that don’t want women, because they’ll be pregnant and they won’t work during for two months. Then, when they have babies, they dress them in blue or pink, depending on the genre  gender.
That isn’t all, there are also many differences even in the slang language that everybody uses.
In all these cases, we are talking about sexist situations which are very common, which is the main reason why we don’t notice them and we don’t act against them.


For me, the carnivals are one of the best parties of the year. In Carnival not only you can dress up or dress as you want, but that they are a few holidays in which you enjoy dancing, do the fool and get to be with your friends and your family. In my case, for example, I enjoy the Carnival since I was small, I love to dress up with my friends and out listening to music through the streets. One of the disadvantages that the Carnival, is that people use for drinking too much alcohol and the streets there are many rubish. Despite that, I spend it great, I love carnivals.

A hotel I hate hotels by 1bacharelato

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Is there equality in the world?

Of course that there isn't, it's clear. We can see on the news or on in the newspaper that in some countries women can´t vote, women can´t express their opinion, women can´t leave their home if his (her) their husband, brother… doesn’t go with them. Women have become in the maids of their husbands, they iron, they wash, they clean, they cook…
I think equality between men and women improves each day because there are more women who protest. More women who say to  his (her) their husband: I´m a person just like you are.  We have the same rights. Unfortunately, people still need to change their minds.

The equality between men and women will arrive if we light ?? to it. I´m sure.

The yellow World-Albert Espinosa

I like all books that I read of by Albert Espinosa. I think that he is a great writer. This book talks about Albert´s life when he was ill. He stayed a lot of time at the hospital: was at hospital for a long time: ten years. He arrived to the at hospital when he was ten years.
In this book he talks about his discoveries when he stayed was at the hospital. He shows one positive way of seeing the world. He talks about the yellows, the yellows are people who are found in somewhere, you talk with her/hism and then, he/she changes your life. She/he says something, and when you hear these things, nothing is the same. The yellows can´t be a friend, or a boyfriend, or a girlfriend…The yellows are people who know for some time ??.
I like this book because Albert talks about the life, about his discoveries when he was ill, but he doesn´t talk about his sadness. He says: If you believe in your dreams, your  dreams create come true (?). In this book you can see some sentences that bring something to you. If you are sad and you read this book, I think that you'll cheer up in a moment.

Crossword- Wildlife

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is there gender equality in Spain?

Well, yes… but no. 
If we look back, we can see that in the  
Francoist era women couldn’t drive or open a bank account without her their husbands’s permission. 
These days there are a lot of countries where women can’t even vote or leave their own homes for going to a walk without a man. So in this sense, we have a kind of gender equality.
But there’s still a lot to do. In this country womaen have to work 84
days more a year for (in order) to collect the same wage of salary/pay as a man, a woman can’t abort and some business don’t hire women because they would “distract” their male employees.
So we can do a lot of more things to improve this situation. But we wouldn’t reach anything if we fold our arms.


Nowadays there is more gender equality than few years ago, at least in my country. Because if we compare Spain with other places like The United Arab Emirates, there, there isn't gender equality. Women have to do whatever their dads, brothers, husbands or sons want. They don't have  voice or vote: they have no say / they are voices without vote . They are just submissive people.
In other countries like The United States, there are is a lot of gender equality, women can do all that men do. This isn't something strange, this is something that has to happen, just because we are people and we are all the same, having the same rights and the same duties.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Is there gender equality?

   Everybody talks about human rights, about no differences between males and females, but when we listen to those who claim that we have already reached the summit, lots of questions start to rise...
   We are not going to talk about Arab countries where the presence of women are is just a decoration, a way of having a slave at home and a children's producer.
   In European countries a women is given the importance they have, but there is still home violence.
   Of course, for women who live in Europe or North America it is an advantage. But for million of women's disgrace Unfortunately, for millions of women in many African countries, South America, even in some Asian States, it= being a woman is a horrible disadvantage, their salaries are less than half of men's, and their rights too.
   To conclude, rights depends on where you were born.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Animals in zoos.

I have visited the zoo many things times in my life. At least, I went have been four times. I went twice with the school and twice with my parents. I enjoie enjoyed it so that to much seeing wild animals.
On the one side hand, the zoos are the only way to see wild animals for those who can´t pay much money for to travel to the countries where we the wild animals live.
On the other side, hunting animals is not a good way to save them. For me, hunting animals is cruel, and hunting for to bring them to the zoos is a little bit similar.
In my opinion, to see / seeing wild animals in their natural habitats is breathtaking, and it´s and experience that I will try to live.


People go to the zoo at least once in their lives / lifetimes. Typically they are always families that go with their children and show them all  kinds of animals. People enjoy them a lot although others don't support the animal's conditions there.
On the one hand, zoos have many advantages such as being able to see animals that we could never see if they doidn't live there, like animals that live in the jungle, sea, or any unknown place. In addition, modern zoos are similar to the animal's natural habitat, and help protecting endangered animals.
On the other hand, it's wrong to keep wild animals in captivity and don't not let them develop in their habitat. Moreover, animals don't have enough space or exercise and they can suffer from isolation.
In my opinion, it should exist one zoo for there should be a zoo per country, in this way we could know something more about animal's lifves and care. I think that zoos are a good place to apply for a job because there is are a lot of people that are getting interested in takeing  care and saveing endangered animals.


In the last months much has been spoken about the abortion due to the new law that the PP approved it in spite of the fact that other political parties wasn´t weren't accepting it. In/ As regards the abortion you can be to favor or in against since both possibilities have a few more or less reasonable reasons.

On the one hand, people who are in opposition to the abortion defend that the parents of this baby on having supported sexual relations with assent could have avoided the pregnancy with contraceptives. On the other hand, there are couples who want to have children and not to be able can't and this person that still has me a pregnant woman and that she doesn´t want to have the child ??, she can give in adoption to someone that wants to have him. If economically  they aren´t nice well off and cannot support the child they can give it in adoption and they ask these persons to leave let him see it. In addition the fact of realizing having an abortion provokes that increases makes the possibility of being sterile, of suffering spontaneous abortions and suffering emotional problems increase.

On the other hand, the people who are in favour of the abortion assure that it´s better than the abortion be is legal because the women who want to abort wouldn`t have to abort in bad circumstances. In addition, they defend the abortion in situations such as violation rape,  in order that the mother doesn`t suffer with the recollection and when the life of the mother or the baby runs risks.

I´m in favour of the abortion simply because I think that the people who want to abort should do without their life runing any risks.

In conclusion, we take carry this child in our interior inside and therefore we are the ones that we must decide neither, not a law nor a group of people. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The zoos aren't new places. They has have existed since many centuries ago for many centuries. The first zoos were private collections owned by kings. But these days people are more aware / concerned about having animals out of their natural habitats.
People who are in favor of the zoos think that they are the only way of seeing to see wild animals. They also think that modern zoos are similar to animals' natural habitats.
On the other hand, a lot of NGOs are against these places. In some of them, animals are in small cages. Sometimes visitors are cruel with them and throw things to at the animals.
In conclusion, having animals in zoos has pros and cons. But in my opinion, animals should be in their natural habitat and be free. They deserve it as we deserve it


For me Carnivals are one of the most wonderfull and amazing partyies/ holidays/celebrations in round the world. In Carnivals you have to wear strange clothes and pretend to be the person or the thing of what whose clothes you are wearing the clothes. At this time of the year there are a lot of partyies, music and people laughing in the streets.
You can pretend to be whatever you want.
Because of the parties people drink a lot of alcohol and make a lot of noise. People leave a lot of rubbish in the streets.

But in general I love Carnivals, they are a great party holiday/celebration!


Nowadays, a lot of animals live in zoos. Is it right or wrong to keep them in the zoos?

On the one hand, people can see wild, beautiful, exotic animals. They can see how animals live and behave. Secondly Moreover/ In addition/ Furthermore, animals have good life conditions in zoos. They do not starve because they have food and water. People take care of animals. Moreover, animals are safe. People do not kill them. Animals live as close to their natural habitat as possible. For instance, water and other natural barriers are used to separate animals from each other and from the visitors.
On the other hand, keeping animals in zoos is harmful for them. The animals are forced to live in an unnatural habitat. There is not enough living space in the zoos, when which often makes animals unhappy and restless. It is also true that some animals do not proliferate in zoos. Secondly Moreover/ In addition/ Furthermore, animals should live in freedom, because it is their natural habitat. Moreover, animals in the zoos live under stress. The worst thing is that animals in the zoos will never be able to exist in their natural habitat alone. They have will not any chance to survive.

In conclusion, it seems that keeping wild animals in zoos is more benefical useful/positive than harmful. I think that it is profitable for all animals, because they have good protection. They can feel safe.

The book thief

I love all books, but there is one which caught my attention "The book thief" by the Australian writer Markus Zusak, a precious = wonderful/ amazing, tremendously human and exciting novel that describes the incidents of a nine years old German girl since She is given in adoption by her mother until the end of the war. Her new family, simple people and nothing concern unrelated to the Nazism, teach him to read and across the books Rudy manages to relax during the bombardments and to attack combat/fight the sadness. But it is the book that she is writing that finally saves her life.
It is sad, but I think it is a real novel where you will learn to value the persons who are around you. I recommended it to anybody everybody.


  There are lots of people who think that animals should live freely while others have a completely different opinion.
   Have you ever been to a zoo? Well, when you like animals, you don't really care where do you have to go to watch see them: it could be in a National Geographic program or in a zoo. Modern ones are quite alike their natural habitats, but there are still old ones where they live in small cages, by the way, quite dirty, and stay alive thanks to that horrible food they are feed with.
   At the same time, there are well kept places like Madrid's zoo or Cabarceno, where there are vets who take care of them in a mother's sense, where they are feed with the food they like, where they are cleaner than in their natural surroundings and where a rejected baby lion will have the opportunity of a life.
   My opinion is that animals should live in the jungles or sabanas of the place they belong to, but if they are kept in order to protect the species, A HURRAY for those good zoos!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

If I decide to stay.

Mia and her parents were going to spend Christmas Eve with his their family.On the way to her grandmother's house, a lorry collided with them and their parents and brother died. Mia tells of her life as she is in a comma and she decides to live or die. Her boyfriend, her best friend and her grandparents made ​​it possible for her to still be alive but for decision will have Mia ?? to the end.