Thursday, November 27, 2014

A description of a picture

In the picture, I see a sort of a viking hamlet split in two by a long river, where there is a longship called Drakkar such as similar to an Axterix comic. On In the background of the image, there are mountains, volcanoes and a lot of forests. Into the sky there are also two parts: on one side the moon and the sun on the other. In front the foreground, I see a castle with a red roof and a telescope in coming out of the window, a lot of small houses and a tower with a clock

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In the picture I can see a winter landscape.
In the middle there are is a blue transparent lake surrounded by a forest. In the background there are a lot of mountains with snow.The sky is clear and blue and the day is sunny. I think it’s February because there are snow but it is hot warm.

I like this picture because transmit calm and peace and it’s colourful.

A description of a picture

In this picture, I can see a family. This family is “The Simpsons”. This family is standing in a green field with some trees. In On the right side of the field there are some small violet flowers. The father is called Homer and his wife is Marge. He is hugging her. Marge has got a basket in her hands and Maggie (the baby daughter) is inside it holding a donut. Maggie´s sister is named Lisa and she is  picking flowers to  make a bouquet. Bart is the older brother and he  is playing with his dog: Santa Claus. There is a river that leads to a nuclear power plant where Homer works. On the left of the river we can  see a tree and at in the background of the picture there is a mountain.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This is a picture of Los Angeles.
In the background we can see several tall buildings.
In front of the buildings there are many green trees, indicating that it´s a photo taken in spring.
In the main plane forefront/ foreground , we observe a wonderful lake.
There are three boats on the lake and I suppose that people who go in them are having a great time.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In this photo I can see in the background a few mountains with clouds and the sky: I can see a few mountains the foreground.
 Floating in the blue sky there are four globes balloons of different colors; pink, red, blue, black, white, yellow...
and in the middle of them there are six birds.
Under the image I can see one lake and the reflection of the globes balloons.
In By the lake there are many types of trees.
Finally I can see that the photo was taking taken during at the day but the sun isn"t doesn't appears in this photo.

Laura Blanco Camba 1ºBACH F

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Description of an image

In this photo I can see a park with children and
To the right, i I can see  a boy swings is swinging a blond girl with a purple shirt, . Behind them, there are two girls sitting on a bank bench and talking about one book and behind, there are two trees.At the end of the park, i I can see a person on a bicycle and some buildings.
To the left of the image i I can see one grandfather with glasses and green jacket swings swinging his happy grandson. In front of them there is a girl with a ponytail onto a turtle.

Mª Isabel Couso Piñeiro 1ºE Bach.

Describe a Picture

1-describing a picture in englihs English:
It's a photo that shows a landscape in black and white.
In the foreground you can see a an old wooden boat of wood in on the shore, by  the ocean, surrounded (of) by mountains and clouds.
In the middle there is a big ocean.
In the background you can see a lot of mountains below of an awful lot of fluffy clouds.

2- whats I think about the picture
I think that maybe it is the boat of a missing person in the ocean that for lucky luckily found a an island.
I think that the sky filled of clouds might be a symbol of mean that it will rain.
This picture makes me think of a film, "Naufrago". This film is about a man that is lost in the ocean.
I like it because it is a very beautiful picture and it shows a heavenly landscape.

Description of a photo

In the picture, I can see three girls swimming in a lake.
Around their, there are a lot of different types of trees, and back in the background there are big and snowfall snowy mountains.
There are two girls with blond hair and one with dark hair, the three girls wear are wearing one blue swimsuits.
In the middle of the water there is one land area where you can go.
And finally, you can see that it's a sunny day.

Lucía Prieto