Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Describe a Picture

1-describing a picture in englihs English:
It's a photo that shows a landscape in black and white.
In the foreground you can see a an old wooden boat of wood in on the shore, by  the ocean, surrounded (of) by mountains and clouds.
In the middle there is a big ocean.
In the background you can see a lot of mountains below of an awful lot of fluffy clouds.

2- whats I think about the picture
I think that maybe it is the boat of a missing person in the ocean that for lucky luckily found a an island.
I think that the sky filled of clouds might be a symbol of mean that it will rain.
This picture makes me think of a film, "Naufrago". This film is about a man that is lost in the ocean.
I like it because it is a very beautiful picture and it shows a heavenly landscape.

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