Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir'

1) What does the journalist say to her?
2) Who does she devote her poem to?
3) What is the phonetic error that some non-natives make to talk when they speak English?
4) What is Apartheid?
5) Who is the occupant and who is the occupied?
6) How many deads deaths do the Israelist army and his allies (USA...) cause?
7) Among which do Palestinian children play, and what danger produce it does it produce?
8) What does she continue listening to sleep?
9) Who does the aeroplanes belong to, and who does are the bombers are?
10) Where does she is so that she does she go so she can live without fear?
11) What do you know about the situation of Palestine? If you don't know anything about it, you can find out in of the concentrations meetings, gatherings in your city too.
12) What is the message that she sends the journalist?